It was a wonderful experience to be part of the process of bringing Guild of Dungeoneering to life. The great response to the soundtrack has genuinely been a lovely surprise. I would like to thank the many great Irish traditional musicians and people who helped me bring it to life. We all put in a lot of effort so thank you for acknowledging our hard work. Here is some information about all the different people involved in the project.

Frankie Lane

I would like to thank Frankie for his endless patience as we had many a late night working out the style of music and lyrics. He worked tirelessly to bring the games songs and bard to life with countless retakes re-imaginings and refinements until it was just right.  Frankie arranged, played and recorded the three traditional tunes 'Follow Me Up To Carlow', 'An Rógaire Dubh' and sea shanty 'Sally Brown' for the 'This is the Guild of Dungeoneering' , 'Dungeoneer Mania' and 'Pirates Cove' tracks

Jason Farrell

Jason was a great help with establishing the Bards sardonic character and the musical direction of the title track. 

Barry Keatley

I saw Barry Keatley and Frankie Lane do a version of 'Follow Me Up To Carlow' and instantly knew we had our theme song. Barry has such a unique and powerful voice I imagine he would be right at home in the guild. 

Rónán Ó Snodaigh and Colm Ó Snodaigh

I would like to thank Rónán and Colm for contributing some percussion and flute parts to the soundtrack. Check out their band Kíla here

Martin and Marie-Louise O’ Connell

Martin is truly a world class accordion player, an All-Ireland champion who has toured with Riverdance. His wife Marie Louise is also an outstanding viola player. They pair of them really injected great energy into the “Dungeoneer Mania" track.

Mark Gavin

Mark is a very experienced engineer who did an amazing job mixing some of the tracks

Lyrics and videos

This is the Guild of Dungeoneering

Traditional Irish 'Follow Me Up To Carlow'

Frankie Lane, Barry Keatley, Jason Farrell & Steve Gregan



This is the guild of Dungeoneering

On our quest were never veering

Oh to be a dungeoneer

Swimming in pools of gold


This is the guild of dungeoneering

All the monsters keep appearing 

Oh to be a dungeoneer

Whos stories will be told


Whats that sound I hear a noise!?

Something's coming girls and boys

Run for the hills and far away 

Were the guild of dungoneering


Curse and swear but dont dispair

The way out of here must be over there

I think we're lost but what do we care

Were the guild of dungeoneering


Dungeoneer Mania

Traditional Irish 'An Rógaire Dubh'

Frankie Lane, Martin O’Connell, Marie-Louise O’Connell & Steve Gregan


(ok people Listen up)

Let me tell you about the guild

Where dungeoneers will be killed

A new volunteer Hoorah three cheers

Oooh its dungeoneer time 


Look at these pitiful fools

Dungeoneering is delicilously cruel

Play your cards right you might win a fight 

Oooh its dungeoneer time


And Just in case your wondering

We want to be pillaging 

We want to be plundering

We want to be dungeoneering


You place monsters in their way 

See how they run away

New recruits can get all the loot

Oooh its dungeoneer time


(Let me hear you again now )


Just in case your wondering 

We want to be pillaging 

We want to be plundering

We want to be dungeoneering


Pirates cove

traditional sea shanty 'Sally Brown'

FRANKIE LANE and Steve Gregan


alright you miserable lot all hands and ears on deck



Well I got my parrot and his name is simon

Wey hay pirates cove

And I got my keg and my peg leg on

Were sailing away to pirates cove


With a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Wey hay pirates cove

Its a pirates life and its lots of fun

Were sailing away to pirates cove


So swab the decks and hoist the roger

Wey hey pirates cove

Those dungeoneers are going to suffer

Were sailing on for pirates cove



Just you wait

We'll send them all to davy jones locker